Who Makes Ridgecut Toughwear?

For anyone looking for durable and reliable workwear, look no further than Ridgecut Toughwear. This company has been providing top-notch apparel to hardworking individuals in a variety of industries since the early 2000s. But who is behind this amazing brand? This article will explore the history of Ridgecut Toughwear and who makes this cutting-edge workwear.

Ridgecut Toughwear is made by the company called Freedom in Motion LLC. Freedom in Motion LLC is an American company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-performance workwear and apparel. Their Ridgecut Toughwear line is designed to provide maximum protection and durability for workers in extreme environments. It is made of heavy-duty materials and features advanced technologies like water-resistant treatments, reinforced seams, and tear-resistant fabrics. Ridgecut Toughwear is trusted by workers in many industries, from military personnel to construction workers.

Who Makes Ridgecut Toughwear?

Ridgecut Toughwear is a line of outdoor clothing and apparel created by VF Corporation, a global apparel company with a portfolio of brands. Their products are designed to provide comfort, durability, and functionality for a wide range of activities, from hiking to fishing.

Who Makes Ridgecut Toughwear


Ridgecut Toughwear offers a variety of apparel for both men and women. Their product line includes jackets, vests, shirts, pants, shorts, and hats. All their items are made from high quality fabrics that are designed to be durable and comfortable. They also feature a range of features such as waterproofing, wind-resistant fabrics, and breathability.


Ridgecut Toughwear utilizes a variety of technologies to ensure their products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Their products feature advanced fabrics with advanced waterproofing, wind-resistant, and breathable technologies. These fabrics are also designed to be lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.


In addition to their advanced fabrics, Ridgecut Toughwear also offers a range of features to make their products even more functional and comfortable. These features include:

  • Durable zippers and fasteners
  • Adjustable cuffs and hems
  • Multiple pockets for storage
  • Reinforced seams and stitching
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics
  • UPF 50+ sun protection

Ridgecut Toughwear items are designed to meet the demands of outdoor activities, offering comfort, durability, and performance.

Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Ridgecut Toughwear?

Answer: Ridgecut Toughwear is manufactured by Carhartt, a family-owned business that has been making durable workwear since 1889. Carhartt began when Hamilton Carhartt founded the company in Detroit, Michigan, and it is still owned and operated by the Carhartt family today. Carhartt has grown to become one of the biggest workwear and outdoor clothing brands in the world, and their Ridgecut Toughwear line is designed to help people tackle tough jobs and outdoor activities.

What Is Ridgecut Toughwear?

Answer: Ridgecut Toughwear is a line of rugged, durable clothing and accessories designed by Carhartt to help people tackle tough jobs and outdoor activities. The clothing is made with heavy-duty materials and features, such as triple-stitched seams, reinforced pockets, and breathable fabrics, to help you stay comfortable and protected in any environment. The line includes a range of jackets, pants, shirts, and accessories for men and women.

What Materials Are Used to Make Ridgecut Toughwear?

Answer: Ridgecut Toughwear is made from a variety of durable materials, including cotton, Polyester, and Cordura®. Cotton provides comfort and breathability, while Polyester offers strength and durability. Cordura® is a heavy-duty fabric that is resistant to tears and abrasions and is often used in high-wear areas, such as pockets and knees. The clothing is also designed with triple-stitched seams and reinforced pockets to provide extra durability.

Where Is Ridgecut Toughwear Sold?

Answer: Ridgecut Toughwear is sold in stores and online, including Carhartt’s official website. Carhartt’s website also offers catalogs, which can be requested online. Additionally, Ridgecut Toughwear is available from many outdoor and workwear retailers, as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Does Ridgecut Toughwear Offer Discounts or Promotions?

Answer: Yes, Ridgecut Toughwear offers discounts and promotions through Carhartt’s website and other retailers. Carhartt often offers discounts and promotions on their website, including free shipping, discounts on orders over a certain amount, and special sales. Additionally, many retailers that sell Ridgecut Toughwear offer discounts and promotions as well.

How Does Ridgecut Toughwear Perform in Different Environments?

Answer: Ridgecut Toughwear is designed to perform in a variety of environments. The clothing is made with heavy-duty materials and features, such as triple-stitched seams, reinforced pockets, and breathable fabrics, to help keep you comfortable and protected in any environment. Additionally, the clothing is designed to be lightweight, so you can move freely without feeling weighed down. The clothing is also resistant to tears and abrasions, so you can be sure it will last through tough jobs and outdoor activities.

Ridgecut Toughwear is a brand that is designed to withstand all the elements, offering the highest quality, durability, and dependability. From the hardworking laborers in the manufacturing process to the experts who lend their design and styling, every person plays a role in the creation of this top-notch clothing. With Ridgecut Toughwear, you can trust that you are getting the best of the best in terms of comfort and protection.

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