Who Makes Motorguide Trolling Motors?

Motorguide trolling motors are used by anglers all around the world to help them catch the fish of their dreams. But who actually manufactures these powerful and reliable trolling motors? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Motorguide and their history in the trolling motor industry, as well as the company responsible for making these motors. So, if you’ve ever wondered who makes Motorguide trolling motors, read on to find out!

Motorguide Trolling Motors are made by the FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR Systems is a world-leading maker of sensor systems that enhance perception and heighten awareness, helping to save lives, improve productivity, and protect the environment. FLIR Systems’ marine division is popularly known for creating top-quality trolling motors and accessories, designed to meet the needs of all anglers from the recreational to the professional. FLIR Systems’ trolling motors are designed to provide precise control, responsiveness, and power, enhancing the angling experience.

Who Makes Motorguide Trolling Motors?

Motorguide trolling motors are among the most reliable and powerful motors available on the market today. Motorguide is a brand of the Marine Group, which is a division of Brunswick Corporation, one of the largest powerboat manufacturers in the world. Brunswick Corporation has been in the boating industry since 1845, and has developed a strong reputation for quality and innovation in its products.

Who Makes Motorguide Trolling Motors

Motorguide Trolling Motors: Power and Performance

Motorguide trolling motors are designed to offer maximum power and performance in any boating environment. The motors feature a variety of features, including:

-High-torque engines with up to 50 pounds of thrust
-Variable speed controls
-Digital Maximizer technology for maximum battery life
-Stainless steel shafts for added durability
-Saltwater-grade components for long-lasting performance
-Integrated GPS for better navigation

Motorguide Trolling Motors: Quality and Reliability

Motorguide trolling motors are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and offer maximum reliability. The company uses only the highest quality components and materials, including:

-Aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and durability
-Marine-grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance
-High-grade materials for maximum power and performance
-Saltwater-grade components for long-lasting performance
-Advanced electronics for improved performance

Motorguide trolling motors are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that your motor will perform at its best for years to come.

Related FAQ

Question 1: Who is Motorguide?

Answer: Motorguide is a brand of trolling motors manufactured by Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick Corporation is a publicly traded, global manufacturer and marketer of recreational products including boats, marine engines, fitness equipment, and recreational products. Motorguide trolling motors are designed to provide a stable, smooth, and powerful propulsion system for small watercraft.

Question 2: Where are Motorguide trolling motors made?

Answer: Motorguide trolling motors are primarily manufactured in the United States. The company has two main production facilities located in Mitchell, Indiana and San Antonio, Texas. Motorguide also manufactures products in other countries and has a network of global suppliers.

Question 3: What types of trolling motors does Motorguide manufacture?

Answer: Motorguide manufactures a wide variety of trolling motors, including foot-controlled, hand-controlled, transom-mounted, and bow-mounted motors. The company also offers electric trolling motors that are powered by batteries as well as gasoline-powered trolling motors.

Question 4: What features do Motorguide trolling motors offer?

Answer: Motorguide trolling motors offer a wide range of features, including variable speed controls, digital displays, LED lighting, stow and deploy systems, and built-in GPS systems. The company also offers a range of accessories, such as anchor lock systems, remote controls, and transom mount kits.

Question 5: What is the warranty on Motorguide trolling motors?

Answer: Motorguide offers a limited two-year warranty on all of its trolling motors. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship, as well as any failures due to normal wear and tear. Motorguide also offers a limited lifetime warranty on select models of its electric trolling motors.

Question 6: Where can I find more information about Motorguide trolling motors?

Answer: For more information about Motorguide trolling motors, you can visit the company’s website at www.motorguide.com. The website includes detailed product information, as well as helpful resources such as a list of authorized dealers and a customer service section. You can also contact the company directly via its toll-free customer service line.

Motorguide trolling motors are a favorite among anglers and recreational boaters for their reliable performance and affordability. They have been trusted for decades and have proven their staying power in the industry. Motorguide trolling motors are proudly made by Brunswick Corporation, a leading manufacturer of marine-related products worldwide. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Brunswick Corporation is ensuring that Motorguide trolling motors will remain a top choice for all of your water-related activities.

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