Who Makes Monstrum Scopes?

Are you looking for a high-quality scope for your next hunting or shooting adventure? Monstrum Scopes are made with precision and reliability, providing you with a scope that will last. But who makes Monstrum Scopes? Read on to find out how the professionals at Monstrum ensure the quality of their scopes and why they are trusted by so many.

Monstrum Tactical scopes are made by Monstrum Tactical, a company based in the United States. Monstrum Tactical scopes are designed for use with a variety of rifles, including AR-15s, AK-47s, and bolt action rifles. They are built with aircraft grade aluminum and feature multi-coated lenses for optimal light transmission and clarity. The scopes come in various sizes, from 1-4x20mm to 4-16x50mm, and feature a variety of reticles, from standard crosshairs to illuminated BDC reticles. Monstrum Tactical scopes are backed by their lifetime limited warranty and come with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Who Makes Monstrum Scopes?

Monstrum Tactical is an American-based company that makes some of the highest-quality rifle scopes, red dot sights, and other optics available on the market. They specialize in producing optics with superior optics, durability, and affordability. Monstrum Tactical scopes are designed and manufactured in the USA, and offer a wide variety of features and options to suit any shooter’s needs.

Who Makes Monstrum Scopes


Monstrum Tactical scopes are built with the highest quality materials and components to ensure reliable performance in any environment. They use aircraft grade aluminum for the scope body, and lenses are multi-coated to reduce reflections and glare. Monstrum Tactical also uses AR-15 style turrets to ensure that the scope is able to hold zero and is easily adjustable.


Monstrum Tactical scopes are available in a variety of different styles, sizes, and magnifications. They offer both fixed and variable power scopes, and their scopes range from 1-6x to 8-32x. They also offer options for illuminated reticles and BDC reticles, making it easy to find the perfect scope for any application.


Monstrum Tactical scopes are designed and built to withstand harsh conditions and heavy recoil. They are nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed to protect against water, fog, and dust, and they are shockproof to handle the recoil of high-powered rifles. Monstrum Tactical scopes are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.


Monstrum Tactical scopes are some of the most affordable scopes on the market. They offer a wide variety of features and options at very competitive prices, making them an excellent choice for budget-minded shooters.

Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Monstrum Scopes?

Answer: Monstrum Tactical is a Georgia-based company that designs and manufactures a wide range of scopes and optics for the shooting and hunting community. Monstrum scopes are designed to provide superior optics performance and accuracy in a wide range of environments and conditions. Monstrum scopes are constructed with durable and lightweight components, making them ideal for tactical, hunting, and competition shooting applications.

What Types of Scopes Does Monstrum Make?

Answer: Monstrum Tactical offers a wide range of scope and optics systems for tactical, hunting, and competition shooting applications. They offer scopes in a variety of sizes, magnifications, and reticle styles, ranging from compact red dots to long-range precision scopes. Monstrum also offers night vision scopes and thermal imaging scopes, as well as various mounting systems to accommodate different firearms and shooting styles.

What Makes Monstrum Scopes Unique?

Answer: Monstrum scopes stand out from the competition by offering superior optics performance, accuracy, and durability in a lightweight package. Monstrum scopes are designed to provide a clear and precise image in any environment, from bright sunlight to low-light conditions. Furthermore, Monstrum scopes are designed to withstand the rigors of tactical and hunting applications, and are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure longevity.

Where Can I Buy Monstrum Scopes?

Answer: Monstrum scopes are available for purchase directly from their website, as well as through authorized resellers and distributors. Monstrum scopes are also available in select brick-and-mortar stores. Furthermore, Monstrum scopes can be found on various online retailers, such as Amazon, Optics Planet, and Brownells.

What Are the Benefits of Monstrum Scopes?

Answer: Monstrum scopes offer a variety of benefits to the shooter, including superior optics performance and accuracy, a lightweight design for easy portability, high durability to withstand harsh conditions, a wide range of sizes and magnifications, and various reticle styles to suit different shooting applications. Furthermore, Monstrum scopes are designed to withstand the rigors of tactical and hunting applications, and are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure longevity.

Are Monstrum Scopes Backed by a Warranty?

Answer: Yes. Monstrum Tactical offers a limited lifetime warranty on all Monstrum scopes and optics systems. The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship, as well as any issues that may arise during the normal use of the product. If any issues arise, Monstrum will repair or replace the scope or optics system at no additional cost.

Monstrum Scopes are a premium brand of rifle scopes designed for professional and hobbyist shooters alike. Built with superior craftsmanship and superior optics, Monstrum Scopes offer a reliable and accurate way to take your shooting game to the next level. Whether you’re a hunter, competition shooter, or just a casual target shooter, Monstrum Scopes will provide you with an unbeatable viewing experience every time. With their superior design and advanced features, Monstrum Scopes are sure to be your go-to choice for all your shooting needs.

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