Who Makes Fortune Tires?

Are you looking for the best tires on the market? If so, you may have heard of Fortune Tires. But who makes Fortune Tires? This article will explore the history and production of Fortune Tires and what sets them apart from other tire brands. We’ll look at their manufacturing process, materials and designs, and the reasons why people choose Fortune Tires over others. So, if you’re wondering who makes Fortune Tires and why they are so popular, read on to find out more.

Fortune Tires is a brand owned by the Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a tire and rubber company based in Japan. Sumitomo Rubber Industries has been in existence since 1909 and is one of the world’s leading tire companies. Fortune Tires are known for their reliability and quality, and are sold in many countries around the world. They offer a wide range of tires for different vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles.

Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires is a global tire manufacturer with years of experience in the tire business. With the ability to produce a wide range of tire sizes to fit almost any vehicle, Fortune Tires is a trusted brand for both original equipment and aftermarket applications.

Forceum Tires

Types of Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires produces a variety of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. The company also offers specialty tires for all-terrain, off-road, and winter driving.

Fortune Tire Technology

Fortune Tires are designed with proprietary technology that provides greater traction and handling on wet and dry roads. The tire tread is engineered with a unique tread pattern to provide maximum grip in wet and dry conditions. The tire compound is designed to provide longer life, better fuel economy, and improved handling.

Benefits of Fortune Tires

There are many benefits to using Fortune Tires, including:

  • Tread pattern designed for increased traction in wet and dry conditions
  • Tire compound designed for longer life and improved performance
  • Increased fuel economy due to reduced rolling resistance
  • Improved handling and ride comfort
  • All-season, all-terrain, and winter tires available

Where to Buy Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires are available from a wide variety of retailers, including auto parts stores, tire shops, and online retailers. Customers can also purchase directly from Fortune Tires through their website.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Fortune Tires?

Answer: Fortune Tires are manufactured by Sailun Tire, a Chinese tire manufacturer. Founded in 2002, Sailun Tire has become one of the world’s leading tire brands, specializing in passenger car, light truck, and medium truck tires. Fortune Tires are part of the company’s portfolio of high-quality tire products that provide excellent performance and value.

Where are Fortune Tires Made?

Answer: Fortune Tires are manufactured in China at two state-of-the-art production facilities located in Hubei and Qingdao. At these facilities, advanced tire-building machines and automated testing equipment is used to ensure that all Fortune Tires meet the company’s stringent quality standards.

What Products Does Sailun Tire Offer?

Answer: Sailun Tire offers a variety of tire products for passenger cars, light trucks, and medium trucks. These include all-season, all-terrain, and winter tires. In addition to the Fortune Tires brand, Sailun Tire also produces tires under the West Lake and Goodride brands.

What Benefits Do Fortune Tires Provide?

Answer: Fortune Tires offer outstanding performance and value. The tires feature an advanced tread design for improved traction and reduced noise, as well as a special tread compound for improved wear and longevity. Fortune Tires also provide excellent handling characteristics, making them a great choice for everyday driving.

Are Fortune Tires Available in the United States?

Answer: Yes, Fortune Tires are available in the United States. The tires are sold through authorized dealers, retailers, and online retailers. To find an authorized dealer or retailer near you, you can use the online store locator on the Sailun Tire website.

What Is the Warranty on Fortune Tires?

Answer: Fortune Tires come with a limited warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty is valid for the original owner for the life of the tire and covers free replacement of any tire found to be defective. Certain conditions must be met to be eligible for warranty coverage, so be sure to read the warranty information carefully.

Fortune Tires are a reliable and dependable option for anyone looking for a high-quality tire that will provide long-term performance. They are made with advanced materials and processes, ensuring that they are built to last. With their superior construction and commitment to quality, Fortune Tires are a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their tire purchase. When it comes to finding the right tire for the job, Fortune Tires are the perfect choice.

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