Who Makes Carquest Brake Pads?

Have you ever wondered who makes the brake pads that keep your car safe and sound? If you’re a fan of Carquest brake pads, you are likely curious about who is responsible for manufacturing them. Carquest brake pads are one of the most popular brands on the market, trusted for their superior quality and performance. In this article, we’ll take a look at who makes Carquest brake pads, as well as some other important facts about the product. So, if you’re in the market for reliable, lasting brake pads, read on to find out more about Carquest.

Carquest Brake Pads are manufactured by the Advance Auto Parts, Inc. The company is an American automotive aftermarket parts provider that serves both professional installer and do-it-yourself customers.

Carquest Brake Pads

Carquest Brake Pads are made by the National Brake Pad Corporation, a leading supplier of brake pads for the automotive aftermarket. The company has been in business for over 40 years, and is a leader in the development and production of high-quality, reliable brake pads.

Carquest Brake Pads


Carquest Brake Pads are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications, and feature superior braking performance and long life. They are manufactured with superior friction materials, advanced compounds, and advanced engineering. They are also tested in the toughest conditions to ensure that they perform consistently and reliably.

Types of Carquest Brake Pads

Carquest Brake Pads are available in a variety of types, including:

  • Semi-metallic brake pads
  • Ceramic brake pads
  • Organic brake pads
  • Low-metallic brake pads


Carquest Brake Pads offer several benefits, including:

  • Increased braking performance
  • Longer pad life
  • Reduced brake noise and vibration
  • Consistent braking performance in all conditions

These benefits make Carquest Brake Pads the perfect choice for any vehicle, whether it’s being used for daily commuting, weekend fun, or heavy-duty towing.

Related FAQ

Who Makes Carquest Brake Pads?

Answer: Carquest brake pads are made by a variety of different manufacturers, including Akebono, Raybestos, Centric, Bosch and Wagner. Each of these manufacturers is well-known for producing quality brake pads, and Carquest selects only the best products to provide its customers.

What Are Carquest Brake Pads Made Of?

Answer: Carquest brake pads are made using a variety of materials, depending on the manufacturer. Akebono, for example, uses a combination of ceramic and non-asbestos organic materials to create their brake pads. Raybestos, Centric, Bosch and Wagner all use a combination of semi-metallic and non-metallic materials. All of these materials are designed to provide superior stopping power and long lasting performance.

What Types of Brake Pads Does Carquest Offer?

Answer: Carquest offers a range of brake pad options, from general purpose to high performance. Their general purpose brake pads are designed for everyday driving, while their high performance brake pads are designed for vehicles that require more stopping power. They also offer a range of ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads that provide superior stopping power and longer life.

Are Carquest Brake Pads Compatible With Most Vehicles?

Answer: Yes, Carquest brake pads are compatible with most vehicles. They offer a wide selection of brake pads that are designed to fit most makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. Their brake pads are also designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, so you can be sure that you are getting the right product for your vehicle.

Are Carquest Brake Pads Affordable?

Answer: Yes, Carquest brake pads are very affordable. Their brake pads are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money. They also offer a range of discounts, promotions and special offers that can help to make their products even more affordable.

What Benefits Do Carquest Brake Pads Provide?

Answer: Carquest brake pads provide a number of benefits, including improved braking performance, extended service life, reduced noise and vibration, and improved safety. Their brake pads are designed to provide superior stopping power, which can help to reduce the risk of accidents. They also offer superior wear resistance, which can help to extend the life of your brakes.

Carquest brake pads are a reliable and durable product, designed and manufactured by Dana Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of automotive components. With over a century of experience, Dana utilizes the highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies to provide superior brake performance and long-lasting durability. Carquest brake pads provide the highest quality and performance, backed by Dana’s commitment to excellence and superior customer service, making them a top choice when it comes to brakes.

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