Who Makes Brizo?

If you’ve ever been in the market for a high-end, stylish plumbing fixture, you’ve probably heard of Brizo. But the question remains – who makes Brizo? With a wide variety of products on the market, ranging from faucets to shower systems, it’s no wonder Brizo has become a household name. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the company behind the brand and explore the history of Brizo and the products they offer.

Brizo is a luxury kitchen and bath fixture brand made by Delta Faucet Company. Delta Faucet Company, which is a part of the Masco Corporation, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, water-efficient products and services. Delta Faucet Company has a long history of providing high quality products and customer service, and has won numerous awards for their products. Brizo faucets feature cutting-edge technology, high-end designs, and advanced materials, making them a popular choice for luxury kitchens and baths.

Who Makes Brizo?

Brizo is a luxury brand of kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets that are produced by Delta Faucet Company. Delta Faucet Company is a major manufacturer of faucets, shower heads, and other products for the home, and is part of the Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.

Who Makes Brizo

History of Delta Faucet Company

Delta Faucet Company was founded in 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since its inception, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen and bath fixtures and faucets worldwide. Delta Faucet Company is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service.

Brizo Line of Products

Brizo is the luxury brand of faucets and fixtures from Delta Faucet Company. The Brizo brand is known for its high-end design and quality, and its products are available in a variety of styles and finishes. The Brizo line includes kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, tub and shower fixtures, and accessories.

Features of Brizo Products

Brizo products are designed to be innovative and stylish, and feature a range of features to make the kitchen and bath a more enjoyable experience.

Features include:

• Touch-free technology – Many of the Brizo products feature touch-free technology, so you can easily turn on and off the faucet without ever having to touch it.

• Smart-touch technology – Brizo products feature smart-touch technology, which allows you to easily adjust the water temperature and flow with just a swipe of your finger.

• Water-saving technology – Brizo products are designed to be more water-efficient, and many products feature a water-saving mode that reduces water consumption.

• Durable materials – Brizo products are made with durable materials, such as solid brass and zinc, to ensure a long-lasting product.

• Stylish designs – Brizo products are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can easily find the perfect fixture or faucet to match your décor.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Brizo?

Answer: Brizo is a luxury faucet and plumbing fixture brand owned by Delta Faucet Company. Delta Faucet Company is a US-based manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and faucets. It is a part of Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500 company that manufactures, distributes, and sells home improvement and building products.

Where is Delta Faucet Company Located?

Answer: Delta Faucet Company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has manufacturing facilities in many locations around the world, including the United States, Mexico, China, and India. The company has sales and distribution centers in the US and Canada, as well as countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

What Products Does Delta Faucet Company Make?

Answer: Delta Faucet Company makes a wide range of plumbing and faucet products, from showerheads and faucets to toilets and sinks. Delta Faucet Company also owns the luxury brand Brizo, which produces higher-end faucets and other luxury plumbing fixtures. Delta Faucet Company also manufactures commercial plumbing fixtures and systems, such as those used in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings.

What is Masco Corporation?

Answer: Masco Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that manufactures, distributes, and sells home improvement and building products. It is headquartered in Taylor, MI and has operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. Masco Corporation owns and operates a number of different brands, including Delta Faucet Company, which owns the Brizo luxury brand.

What is the History of Brizo?

Answer: Brizo was founded in 2005 as a luxury faucet and plumbing fixture brand owned by Delta Faucet Company, a part of Masco Corporation. The brand was created to offer a unique and sophisticated line of faucets and fixtures to meet the needs of modern households. Brizo’s products are designed with the latest technology, such as touchless and electronic faucets, and are crafted from high-quality materials.

What is the Warranty for Brizo Products?

Answer: Brizo offers a limited lifetime warranty for its faucets and fixtures, which covers any manufacturing defects or problems arising from normal use of the product. The warranty does not, however, cover any damage caused by misuse, improper installation, or damage caused by non-Brizo components. Customers can contact Brizo customer service with any warranty-related questions.

Brizo Litze Collection – The Untold Story

Brizo is a high-end plumbing and bathroom fixture line that is known for its stylish design and quality craftsmanship. The company behind the brand is Brizo LLC, a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing products. Brizo LLC is owned by Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500 company that is one of the world’s largest producers of home improvement and building products. With Masco’s commitment to quality and innovation, Brizo is the perfect choice for anyone looking for stylish, reliable plumbing and bathroom fixtures for their next home improvement project.

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