Who Makes Blueridge Mini Splits?

If you’re searching for an efficient and cost-effective way to heat and cool your home, BlueRidge mini splits offer a great solution. But who makes them and how do you know you’re getting a quality, reliable system? In this article, we’ll take a look at the company behind the BlueRidge mini splits and explore the features and benefits that make this system a great choice for your home.

Blueridge Mini Splits are manufactured by the company, Friedrich Air Conditioning. Friedrich Air Conditioning is an American company founded in 1883 and is based in San Antonio, Texas. They specialize in air conditioning systems, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. They are known for their high-quality, energy-efficient products. They are also the pioneers of ductless mini split systems, which are becoming increasingly popular for those with limited space.

Who Makes Blueridge Mini Splits?

Blueridge mini splits are a type of air conditioning system designed to provide efficient and comfortable cooling in residential and commercial settings. Blueridge is a brand owned by the Canadian company Goodman Manufacturing, and the mini splits are made at their factories in North America and Mexico.

Who Makes Blueridge Mini Splits

Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman Manufacturing is one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in North America, with a wide range of products, including air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. The company is known for its focus on reliable and efficient systems, and their mini splits are no exception.

Features of Blueridge Mini Splits

Blueridge mini splits are designed to offer superior comfort and efficiency. They feature:

– High efficiency ratings, up to 21 SEER
– Quiet operation, with sound levels as low as 56 dB
– Multiple zones for custom cooling
– Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity for remote control
– Self-diagnostic capabilities for easy troubleshooting

Where to Buy

Blueridge mini splits can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including local HVAC dealers and online stores. They come with a 10-year limited warranty on parts, and some models also come with a 5-year labor warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Blueridge Mini Splits?

Answer: Blueridge mini splits are manufactured by the North American HVAC company, Goodman Global. Goodman Global is a leading provider of HVAC systems, parts, and accessories around the world. They are headquartered in Houston, Texas and have been in business since 1982.

What Types of Mini Splits Does Blueridge Offer?

Answer: Blueridge offers a variety of mini split systems, including ductless and hybrid systems. These systems include wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted, and concealed mini splits. They also offer single-zone, multi-zone, and VRF systems, depending on the needs of the consumer. Additionally, their systems are all Energy Star-rated for maximum efficiency.

Where Can You Purchase Blueridge Mini Splits?

Answer: Blueridge mini splits are available through a variety of retailers and online stores. Their products can be found in home improvement stores, HVAC supply stores, and even through some online retailers. Additionally, they are available through Goodman Global’s official website and can be purchased directly from them.

What Makes Blueridge Mini Splits Different?

Answer: Blueridge mini splits boast a variety of features that set them apart from other HVAC systems. These features include variable fan speeds, automatic restart after power loss, low ambient and heat pump operation, and LED display. Their systems are also engineered to be quiet, efficient, and reliable, and they include a 10-year parts limited warranty.

What Maintenance is Necessary for Blueridge Mini Splits?

Answer: Blueridge mini splits require minimal maintenance to keep them running properly. For optimal performance, it is recommended that the air filters be replaced regularly and that the outdoor unit be cleaned every few months. Additionally, it is recommended that the system be inspected by a professional HVAC technician once a year to ensure that all components are functioning properly.

What are the Benefits of a Blueridge Mini Split?

Answer: Blueridge mini splits offer a variety of benefits, including increased energy efficiency, better air quality, and improved comfort. These systems are designed to provide consistent temperatures throughout the home, eliminating hot and cold spots. Additionally, these systems are quieter than traditional HVAC systems, and can be zoned to provide individual temperature control for different areas of the home. Finally, Blueridge mini splits are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and can be easily integrated with other smart home systems.

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Blueridge mini splits are a great option for those looking to install an energy-efficient HVAC system into their home or business. Not only do they offer a wide range of features and benefits, but they are also manufactured by a trusted HVAC company, Blueridge. With their outstanding customer service and quality mini-split systems, Blueridge is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a reliable HVAC system. With Blueridge mini splits, you can be sure that your home or business will be comfortable and energy-efficient all year long.

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