Who Makes Minecraft Toys?

Welcome to the world of Minecraft toys! As a beloved game and cultural phenomenon, it’s no surprise that the characters, weapons and items of the game have been brought to life in the form of toys. But who exactly makes these toys? In this article, we’ll explore the different companies who have created Minecraft toys and the various styles of products they offer. So grab your pickaxe and let’s go!

The Official Minecraft toys are made by Mattel. The toy line includes plush toys, Minecraft action figures, construction sets, role-play items, and more.

Who Makes Minecraft Toys?

Minecraft toys are incredibly popular among kids and adults of all ages. The toys are based on the popular video game of the same name and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But who makes these toys and where can you find them?

Who Makes Minecraft Toys

Minecraft Toys Made By Mattel

Mattel has the license to create and distribute Minecraft toys. They have a wide array of products ranging from action figures to playsets, board games, and more. You can find these toys in most major retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

Minecraft Toys Made By Other Companies

While Mattel has the official license to produce Minecraft toys, there are also other companies that create and sell Minecraft-inspired toys. These companies include:

  • Jazwares
  • ThinkGeek
  • Lego
  • K’nex
  • Mega Bloks
  • Funko

These companies are able to create their own versions of Minecraft toys without infringing on Mattel’s copyright. You can find these toys in various online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and ThinkGeek.


Mattel has the official license to create and distribute Minecraft toys. However, there are other companies that create and sell their own versions of Minecraft-inspired toys. You can find these toys in most major retailers as well as online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and ThinkGeek.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Minecraft Toys?

Answer: The company Mojang, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is responsible for the production and distribution of Minecraft toys. Mojang is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the original version of the game, and has released a variety of toys and merchandise associated with the game. This includes action figures, plush toys, building blocks, apparel, and more.

Where Can I Purchase Minecraft Toys?

Answer: Minecraft toys can be purchased from many different retailers, both online and in physical stores. Online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart offer a wide selection of Minecraft toys, while physical stores such as Target and Toys R Us also carry a variety of merchandise. Additionally, Mojang’s official website offers an official store where customers can purchase exclusive Minecraft toys and apparel.

What Types of Minecraft Toys Are Available?

Answer: There is a wide range of Minecraft toys available for purchase, including action figures, plush toys, building blocks, apparel, and more. Action figures come in a variety of sizes and feature many of the game’s most beloved characters, from Steve and Alex to Zombie Pigmen and Creepers. Plush toys are also available, including cuddly versions of some of the game’s most iconic characters. Additionally, building block sets allow fans to construct their own Minecraft creations, and apparel such as t-shirts and hats give fans a way to show off their favorite game.

Are All Minecraft Toys Official Merchandise?

Answer: No, not all Minecraft toys are official merchandise. While Mojang does produce and distribute a wide range of officially licensed products, there are also many third-party manufacturers producing unofficial Minecraft toys. These products are typically of lower quality and may not accurately represent the game, so it is important to check the source of any product before making a purchase.

What Age Range Are Minecraft Toys Designed For?

Answer: Generally, Minecraft toys are designed for children ages 6 and up. The majority of the products available are appropriate for this age range, although some smaller products such as keychains and stickers may be suitable for younger children. Additionally, some products such as building blocks are appropriate for older children and teens.

Are Minecraft Toys Suitable for Collector’s?

Answer: Yes, many Minecraft toys are suitable for collectors. Mojang produces a wide range of officially licensed products, including action figures and building blocks, that are ideal for collectors. Additionally, there are a variety of third-party manufacturers producing high-quality, detailed figures and sets that are perfect for collectors.

Wolfoo Makes Minecraft Toys for Lucy – Funny Stories With Toys for Kids @WolfooAmerica

The answer to who makes Minecraft toys is a simple one: Lego. Lego’s wide range of customisable and creative sets make it the perfect choice for all your Minecraft needs. With a variety of sets available, you can be sure that the perfect Minecraft toy is out there, just waiting for you to find it. Whether you’re looking for a challenging puzzle or an awesome action figure, Lego has you covered with the perfect Minecraft toy. Start your search today and explore the world of possibility with Lego and Minecraft.

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